Quality Counts – Part 2 – Rips

Some are legit – some are “oops” – but when to know the difference?

Rips may cause you to pause when you’re getting ready to put an item of clothing into a JBF sale. But we don’t want you to pause that much!

If the rip is something that occurred because your kid was too rough on the knees or that they tugged their pants up too often and pulled out a belt loop…those rips in garments are perfect for donation. However, they’re not perfect for our sale.

Don’t worry, our charities can sell the fabric for poundage – which benefits them greatly. So bring your rips – marked for donate in our bins. However, we kindly ask that you don’t tag those items and leave them for our charities.

Not sure if your rip qualifies (like those pesky “distressed” jeans) – feel free to post a photo to our VIP Page and we’ll be happy to chime in!


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