Quality Counts – Part 3 – Zippers

Zippers… Frustrating for toddlers, annoying for teenagers, and back to frustrating again for adults when they are broken!

Here’s an example of a zipper that actually still zips, but you can tell that it is broken, as it is missing the toggle. Items like this are perfect for donation, but we kindly ask that if the zipper is not complete, either repair it completely in order to sell the item at the sale, or donate the item. 

Why? The zipper still works!

True, it does zip. However, as many of our shoppers are quickly looking for bargains in a shopping frenzy, they are counting on you to ensure that the item is in full working order. Broken zippers that don’t zip are obvious. However zippers that are half broken, or do not function the way they were originally made, fall into this quality category that we count on you to help us enforce.

Thanks for helping us keep the quality at our sales very high!


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