Fun Poolside Activities

Thanks to the JBF Corporate Blog for some fun, creative ideas for your doodlebugs by the pool this summer. Here’s an inexpensive one that’s got some staying power. Enjoy!

Going to the pool with your kids is probably one of your go-to activities over the summer. Your kids probably love soaking in the sunshine and playing with their friends at your local pool and hanging out poolside. But how many times do you see your kids getting bored of just swimming around? Switch up your summer days by introducing some fun poolside arts and crafts! Your kids will have so much fun making these and will love playing with them in the water. Now you can relax and read a book by the poolside while your kids are entertained. One less worry for mom!

Pool Noodle Boats


Pool noodle
Plastic Straw
Hole puncher
Foam sheet

  1. Cut the pool noodle into 1- 3 inch pieces. You can use scissors or a knife to do so
  2. Cut the foam into triangles to be the “sail” of the boat. Punch holes on the top and bottom of the foam.
  3. If you have creative little ones they can decorate the foam sail. Bring some sharpies to the pool and your kids can doodle their favorite pictures and write their names on them! Or bring some stickers and decorate the foam with them as well. But be careful, these decorations may come off when wet.
  4. Fit the straw through each of the holes in the foam, and place the straw into the pool noodle.


These pool noodle boats take two minutes to make and your kids will love playing with them. They can put their toys inside of the boat and swim with their favorite toys! Your kids will also love playing with the boats with all their friends. They can have boat races in the water, play pretend games, you may even see them wanting to play with the boats once they’re out of the pool as well. The possibilities are endless!


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