Quality Counts – Part 4 – Shoes

So I found these boots the other day in my daughters closet. They are not the right size, and I thought they would be a perfect fit for the sale. I tossed them over to the basket where I continue to collect my items over the course of a week or two before I tag. In the toss, something caught my eye…

Those cute little purple boots… Rain boots no less… Had a gash on the upper bridge. The little girl who would get these next would have wet feet in a matter of minutes.

She would be frustrated, her mother would be frustrated. This is the kind of quality we want to ensure especially if a parent or other loved one is buying an item at one of the sales for use later in the year. How frustrating to find a crack in a rain boot two months after you’ve purchased it?!

So please add this to your quality check on your shoes. We will do more quality posts around shoes, so stay tuned. But boots are a place to check to ensure that if they are designed to keep snow or rain out, that they will do that!

Here is to happy feet!


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