Quality Counts – Shoes, Part 2

So either Godzilla came in my house, or my son’s feet have grown another shoe size in the last six weeks. I’m really looking forward to the JBF sale coming up, his poor toes are in dire straits!

So I am going through and grabbing a few pairs of shoes that are still in great condition and I could sell. Sell some, buy some. #MomForTheWin!

Look at that happy face! Barely any scuff whatsoever. I’m thinking these are in great condition.

Mayday, Mayday! This is where your attention to detail and your commitment to the quality of your items counts.

Yes, the Pinterest hack works. A bread clip does keep the flip-flop in use. But it is not appropriate for a JBF sale. We need you to check not only the tops which look cute, but the bottoms as well. Remember this for flip-flops, gym shoes, boots, sandals, etc.

We are going from a good sale to a great sale, and your commitment to quality gets us there!

Happy Tagging!


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