Consignor Fee Sale

Say what?!!?

Did you get this amazing email from our awesome owners? If not – you need to check this out. Because who doesn’t love a great sale!!! #ILoveJBF

As you might know, with JBF you can tag once and participate in multiple sales using the same tag.  It is so easy to point your tags to the different sales by simply registering for each of the events.  Well, we wanted to help you take advantage of that by encouraging you to participate in multiple sales at a reduced consignor fee.  That’s right, you get to tag once and have 3 opportunities to sell at a discounted consignor fee.  Now, if you sell a lot of items in Grand Rapids, then don’t worry, you have time to tag and clear out more for Kalamazoo a few weeks later.  Best of all, your discount also carries over to the Spring Grand Rapids 2018 sale.

Here are the details…


So what are you waiting for??  Sign up to sell in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo 2017 sales now and get two consignor fees for the price of 1.  Then sign up to sell in the Spring 2018 Grand Rapids sale and your consignor fee will be half price.

You need to sell in all three sales to qualify for these special discounts and they will be automatically applied.

Sign Up TODAY!


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