And We’re Done!

It's a wrap!

My goodness, another sale in the books! You guys did not disappoint! Our shoppers came out in droves, our sellers had wonderful, quality items, and we were busy busy busy the entire sale.

You might be wondering if you chose to sell with us in the fall sale what our sales looked like. You might wonder why somethings sold and others did not. Here's a few ideas to consider as you pack your items away, look for new items to sell, and plan ahead to our March sale!

First, if you choose to pick up unsold items tomorrow, this is a great time to double check your price. We had a record sale and record number of shoppers, so it's possible that your item was overpriced in comparison to others out there.

Second, take a look at the quality of the item. Gymboree got really smart over 15 years ago and started putting the date of manufacture on their garments. Perhaps your garment is just a little outdated to the point where it's not going to be trendy enough for buyers to consider.

Third, a few of you may get stained items returned to you. If you can get the stain out in time for the next sale, we would welcome it back. However, this is a great opportunity to look at the garment and simply decide if it's better in the donation pile then in your laundry basket!

Fourth, consider our our sweet spot. Quite frankly what sells the very best is mid range size clothing. The older a boy gets, it's possible the rougher he is on those knees! Items sell in every category, regardless of season, but shoppers are also savvy to plan ahead for short periods of time. Consider the season.

And then a few tips, based on what we saw throughout the week. We love all of our donators! If you are donating your items, we highly recommend you rarely ask for full price. If the item has not sold by the time we reach the half off sale, yes, you might make less. However if that bargain shopper is only after half off items, you will be passed over and your item go straight to the donation bin. You might as well make some money!

Remember where you put your pins and you're tagging barb's. Putting them through the chest or front panel of a pant lend them to being pulled and snag leaving a hole. Remember to affix them well. We had plenty of tags without a home and as a result, those items cannot be sold. And, remember to use card stock. Flimsy copy paper tags rip, do not scan well and are prone to falling off even easier.

We were positively thrilled with this sale, the reduction in stained items pulled from the floor, the record number of shoppers and sellers, and with 159,908 items on the floor, we could not be more pleased at your commitment to quality consignment in West Michigan.

We look forward to seeing you again in March!


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