Yam Pumpkin Garland

Such a cute, quick craft to make your home festive – thanks to the JBF Corporate Blog!

Pumpkin garlandReady or not, fall will be in full-force in a just a few weeks. I cannot wait until it gets cool enough to pull out my favorite pair of boots and my flannel button-ups! However, to pass the time I’ve started switching out my summer decor with my favorite fall pieces. Shopping for home decor is so much fun, but there’s nothing quite like creating your favorite decor staple all on your own! The ideal DIY project is simple enough to make but is also something that doesn’t necessarily look homemade. A great addition to any mantel, staircase, or even a fireplace, here’s my favorite DIY project for October!

DIY Yarn Pumpkin Garland

Supplies Needed: 

  • Orange yarn
  • Green pipe cleaner
  • Twine
  • Scissors


  1. First, wrap yarn around four fingers about 120 or so, until the bundle is thick and full.
  2. Then, cut a 10-inch piece of yarn and stick it between your fingers to wrap it around the big yarn loop. Make sure it wraps all the way around the yarn bundle.
  3. Line up the piece of yarn in the middle of the yarn loop, and tie it into a knot. Make sure you pull the knot tight, and it covers the back of the loop also.
  4. After you have your basic pumpkin shape, cut a 2-inch piece of pipe cleaner. Tie the pipe cleaner on the top of the pumpkin using the two loose strands of yarn from step 3. Don’t trim loose strands yet!
  5. Wrap the pipe cleaner around itself to form the stem. Do this by folding both ends towards each other, to create the stem straight above the pumpkin.
  6. In addition to folding the pipe cleaner, twist both ends of the pipe cleaner in a spiral, to create an intertwined stem.
  7. Following after steps 1-6, it’s time to fluff up your pumpkin!
  8. Also, tuck in any loose loops and make sure your pumpkin is fully rounded.
  9. After you make enough pumpkins, you’re ready to assemble your garland.
  10. Finally, use the loose strings on the pumpkin to tie the pumpkin to the twine. Make sure the pumpkins are easily secured to the twine, and your garland is ready to hang!

With just a few short steps and a little patience, you have a cute pumpkin garland perfect for any space! You can even switch up the colors for a more fun home, or go all white for a more simplistic look. This garland on a mantel or even draped along a fireplace with some candles and votives. What are some of your favorite fall DIY decor projects?


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