Reading Essentials

Cooler weather is here – and in our home, that means it’s time to crack out the books and sit by the fire place. Need some suggestions on what to read? The JBF Corporate Blog has a few that could easily rocket to the top of your list! Happy Reading!

BooksFall is officially in full swing and there are no complaints here! There’s finally time for things like washing my hair more than once a week and getting some personal time. Unfortunately, between school and sports, free time is still limited. However, I take what I can get and try to enjoy every extra minute I have. There are tons of things to do to help yourself relax and unwind, but fall reading should be at the top of your list. My favorite time to catch up with my favorite authors is during the fall. The cold, cloudy weather is the perfect time to curl up in your happy place with your favorite book. So grab your favorite latte and enjoy our fall reading list!

Sing, Unburied, Sing: In this novel, author Jesmyn Ward discusses the ugly truth in the heart of the American story, the struggle, love, and determination between families. It’s a road trip story, a ghost story, and an inspirational story. Jump in the story of JoJo, and the struggles of hope in the contemporary South and with his family.

Little Fires Everywhere: This is a truly heart-wrenching book. The story starts in a town called Shaker Heights, a town where everyone plays by the rules and everything goes according to plan. This is a story of two families colliding, two very different families, and how they all impact each other’s lives.

Turtles All The Way Down: We all know and love John Green. If you aren’t familiar with the name, he’s the author of the bestseller “The Fault in Our Stars”. And this novel is a serious comeback! In this novel, he centers the story on a sixteen-year-old named Aza, who goes through the struggles of teenagers all over the world. While it’s a fictional story, Green describes this story as a window into the mental illness that has affected his life severely. It’s a beautiful story of love and the power of friendship.

Uncommon Type: While this story definitely isn’t as serious as the others, there’s no shame in a lighthearted book! This book is written by Tom Hanks, and a good enough reason to crack it open. But seriously, Tom Hanks is wonderful, and this book is proof that there’s nothing he can’t do! In Uncommon Type, Hanks writes a series of short stories that are just as charming as he is. The stories range from sweet to funny and are sure to brighten up any afternoon.

Home Fire: Deeply rooted in the ideas of self-devotion and balance, Home Fire is a book for everyone. The main character, Isma struggles with her devotion to herself, her family, and her boyfriend. Although she loves her boyfriend, she faces some moral struggles with his family, and especially with how they impact her family. This is a truly captivating novel that will change your outlook on your relationships throughout life.

There’s no doubt in the world that fall weather is reading weather. Whether you’re looking for a light pick me up or looking for 300 pages of pure inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Luckily, you can pick up one of these books and jump right in. You can even queue them up next on your fall reading list. Either way, you’re in for a serious treat.


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