Happy December

It’s here – the time when kids are totally excited – and moms and dads are trying to keep their sanity!

It’s still a glorious time of year – and in West Michigan, it’s sunny and almost 50* – let’s run with it!

If you didn’t see our #GivingTuesday post on the Facebook page, I thought I’d make sure you knew about our charity partners and how you can help.

In the Image, the Kalamazoo Dream Center and Alpha Women’s Center take your donations all year long – if you’re already sorting your stuff for the Spring Sale and found you’ve got some perfect items to donate…..

….or, if you like to help your kids give to others…and purge their toys now…

…or if you’re just tired of the same battle to pick up the same toys…

…or, or, or…

….what ever your reason, they’ll take your gently used, good condition items. Imagine helping a parent select something great for their child at the In the Image Free Store – or being given an extra blanket for your new baby because you couldn’t afford one. All of our partners are amazing in coming along side of West Michigan families to show love and hospitality all year long. We encourage you to support them with us!

It’s a fast ride from here to 2018 – we wish you sanity, peace, joy in your step and kindness in your heart!


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