Happy December

It’s here – the time when kids are totally excited – and moms and dads are trying to keep their sanity!

It’s still a glorious time of year – and in West Michigan, it’s sunny and almost 50* – let’s run with it!

If you didn’t see our #GivingTuesday post on the Facebook page, I thought I’d make sure you knew about our charity partners and how you can help.

In the Image, the Kalamazoo Dream Center and Alpha Women’s Center take your donations all year long – if you’re already sorting your stuff for the Spring Sale and found you’ve got some perfect items to donate…..

….or, if you like to help your kids give to others…and purge their toys now…

…or if you’re just tired of the same battle to pick up the same toys…

…or, or, or…

….what ever your reason, they’ll take your gently used, good condition items. Imagine helping a parent select something great for their child at the In the Image Free Store – or being given an extra blanket for your new baby because you couldn’t afford one. All of our partners are amazing in coming along side of West Michigan families to show love and hospitality all year long. We encourage you to support them with us!

It’s a fast ride from here to 2018 – we wish you sanity, peace, joy in your step and kindness in your heart!


Big Need! Maternity Clothes

Hey out there! Happy February – and SUNSHINE!!

I had a great meeting with the Executive Director of In the Image, our flagship charity. Did you know we are the primary reason they can offer children’s clothes for free at their Free Store? We make a huge difference with our donations.

At each sale, your kindness and generosity for unsold items is amazing! We send hundreds – if not thousands – of items for West Michigan children who are in desperate need to In the Image. We also found out today, our maternity clothes are a huge hit. What a way to make a difference to a mom in need! But their need is still great in this area.

So we’re going to spotlight this need today – and encourage you to grab your best 20 items to sell at the Spring Sale – and consider donating any additional clothing beyond those 20. We can take them right at drop off! If you want your donations out of your house faster, let us know, we’ll figure something out!

maternity-clothesWe hope you loved being pregnant – that you felt beautiful inside and out – that you rubbed your big ol’ belly and smiled. We’d love to share that feeling with more moms in West Michigan. If you can help – the need is great!


We love our community – and we love to support those in need right here, around every corner, in small and big ways.

Are you interested in helping an organization or two out? Perhaps an extra $5 made it into your lap this week you’d like to pay forward? Consider our charity partners, we know they’d love your support!

  • In The Image – clothing and resources, free of charge to area residents
  • Alpha Women’s Center – crisis pregnancy support for mom and baby
  • Grand Rapids Public Schools Homeless Program – supporting children through the school with clothing and personal hygiene
  • Kalamazoo Dream Center – clothing and resources, free of charge to area residents

Share the love today – with so many people banding together to make a difference, we can see real, positive change in our community!


What Donated Love Looks Like

“I say thank you to those that have the heart to donate….”

She was a shopper at In the Image – she loved to be able to get things for her family, knowing they were free to her. She knew she could never thank the donator personally, but she was grateful.

This is the heart behind our mission to celebrate donations in Grand Rapids and in Kalamazoo. After each sale, the donations go straight to work. In some cases, right on to little kids by Monday morning.

The need in our community is that great.

And you’re the ones on the front lines, helping! Now, we get the wonderful work that some of the larger box-stores do by offering thrift merchandise to help families in need. But your donations skip that step, getting straight to the case workers, social workers and public servants in our community who look at those little cherub faces every day, seeing poverty in our area first hand.

You’re the ones helping!!

Here’s just a few shots of what you accomplished because you marked “Donate” on your items:

The first batch went to the Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative – a preschool program for at risk children in Grand Rapids Public. Books, puzzles, winter clothes, games, supplies, etc…

elnc1 elnc2

Our next batch – which I missed getting a photo of – went to the Alpha Women’s Center. EIGHT full garbage bags of infant clothing and supplies for those women facing crisis pregnancies and in need of a helping hand.

Next, our flagship donation partner, In the Image, serves 16,000 families a year and your donations make it possible for them to clothe children. Without JBF, they don’t have enough inventory. Just look at the pile!

iti1 iti2 iti3 iti4 iti5

And finally, our partnership with the homeless program at GRPS. Here, they came to shop on half off day. Your smart pricing allowed them to shop and fill needs that even other thrift stores can’t provide. Upon the completion of the sale, they got a box of donations that included uniform pants to round out their supply.


Tens of thousands of people in our community are directly impacted by your love to donate.

Maybe you don’t want the stuff back in your house. (YUP!!)

Maybe you can get a larger tax write off if you donate it at the end. (Itemizers for the win!)

Maybe you just want to help out in a little way that makes a collectively gigantic impact. (Absolutely!!)

We’re just grateful that what ever the reason….that you donate.

Thanks, everyone – so very much!