We’re Almost There

We’ve spent a lot of time on our Instagram and Facebook accounts that we’re not publishing much to our blog any more – but in case you’re still checking this out:

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Zone Drop Off is BACK~~

~~and it’s better than before!

We analyzed and assessed – and improved Zone Drop Off to make your time unloading and placing your items to be efficient – while allowing room for you to move. Here’s the breakdown – if you pack smart, you’ll be find your Zone and Zoom!

What this means: volunteers take boxes/bins of like-items and do the secondary sort into their respective areas.

For example…in the Accessories area…we’ll have girls, boys and gender neutral. The bin for girls will be easy for you to find and place all your girls accessories into one bin. We’ll take that bin and sort it into: belts, hats, gloves, scarves, etc.

You do the check on quality – you give us just the best stuff – and we’ll do the second sort to save you time at drop off. Pack well at home – and you’ll be in and out in a flash!

Zone Drop Off Fall 2017

KZoo Drop Off – Two Weeks!

jbf_ilovejbf_180x180_webadWe are just two weeks out from Kalamazoo’s drop off! We’re excited to see everyone again and look forward to making this a great sale!

If you’re selling in Kalamazoo – have you checked over the details of the drop off and sale times?

Now would be a good time to get familiar with where, when and what you need to bring when drop off starts. Go to the Kalamazoo Sale Page by clicking here. Got questions, don’t hesitate to ask us here, or on Facebook!

It’s almost time!!

Getting in the Zone

Are you getting into the Zone?

Well, maybe for purging and tagging – but how about for packing?

Pack smart – pack in ways that allow you to maximize your efficiency at drop off. How so? Check out this floor plan:


Each zone is marked with a star – and at each star, you’ll be dropping off your items into general categories like TOYS/Infant or TOYS/Toddler….from there, we’ll take the Infant Toys and start a sub-sort like rattles, educational, musical, etc. We’ll organize the tables as we go – so it’s nice and pretty for opening day.

What does this mean for you? If you pack smart – and you’re ready to find your zones, you’ll zoom right through and be out in no time!

See you soon!!

Drop Off is Coming!

Sunday, September 11th: 5pm – 8pm
Monday, September 12th: 10am-4pm – please arrive by 3pm to be completed by 4pm.

The DeltaPlex
2500 Turner Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49544

Once you arrive, please allow approximately 1 hour from unloading to placing items on the floor. Please make sure that you go to the marked doors for all drop-off.

Prior to Drop-off:
1. Make sure that all items are clean, tagged (with barcoded tag) and on hangers. We do not provide or give back hangers. ALL TAGS MUST BE DONE ONLINE thru your profile at http://www.grandrapids.jbfsale.com. Please make sure that they are the correct size and on white cardstock.
2. Have all clothing in size/gender order.
3. All toys must have batteries and all electronics must work!
During Drop-Off:
1. Park in the FRONT of the building in a parking space. YOU CAN NOT BE PARKED IN THE FIRE LANE!
2. LEAVE YOUR ITEMS IN YOUR CAR. Bring in a scannable tag for us to scan/check you in at the CHECK-IN table and sign the waiver stating that JBF is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to your items.  You will also receive your Volunteer & Consignor pre-sale early shopping passes.
3. Bring your items in the arena and check in at the drop off area for placement of items instructions. We will have rolling racks to use for unloading your items inside the facility.
4. It is important the items are placed in the correct places.
5. Please make sure to take any and all containers and boxes used to bring items to the sale.
6. You’re done!  Watch your items sell online!

 Helpful Hints:
– Still looking to volunteer so you get to shop first as a volunteer and earn 10% more on your sold items?  We still need help and we can’t do this without you.  Plus it’s a lot of fun!

– Please remember – check your items for any recalls at www.cpsc.gov