Front of the Line

Do you read our Facebook page? (We’ve got a VIP one, too – which has lots of great info and contests there as well)

If not, you should! There’s lots of great stuff to find out about – like this little gem:

March Is here…#jbfgrandrapids shopping Madness kicks off at The DeltaPlex March 22-25 with the Presale on March 21 and we want you and your friends to Shop with us!!!
Enter to win one of 4 $20 JBF Bucks + a brand New JUMP TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE SHOPPING PASS!! Just click GOING and share with 3 friends then comment below that you shared and what day you plan to Shop the sale. Winners will be drawn on 3/12 at 5pm.

Opt In Texting

Here’s a fun little tidbit we learned from the JBF Conference this week – texts are viewed in under a minute or two – emails are viewed in terms of hours.

We’re a fast-paced, freight train of a world – and texting is a great option for sharing quick bits of information.

So, new to 2017, we’re launching texting to and from JBF! Woo hoo! We’re completely excited about offering you a way to get quick tidbits from us (and having a chance win some great prizes as we get ready to start our Spring sales!

Did you see this:


It was on our Facebook page – and was a fun success for us! We’ll be doing more contests through our Event Page, our Business Page – and through texting. So opt in, you’re going to love the quick info (and great prizes, too!).

How Do I Get Started?!


Meet a cute little baby who has the four critical steps for being successful at a JBF Sale – Gather, Prep, Price and Pack!

But, what happens when you gather and what does prep mean? It’s a little fluid – as many people do it differently, but in an attempt to make a video and show you – check this out:

It’s unedited and it’s raw footage – the downside to having a video option on your phone! But, you get the drift.

More little tidbits to follow – happy tagging!


Got Ideas?

The JBF National Conference is just a few short weeks away – and we’re really looking forward to all the new tidbits we can learn to make our GR and Kzoo sales a larger success in 2017. From round tables to expert advice, no topic is off limits.

So – that leads us to wondering if there were ideas you had, questions that always plagued you or things that just made you go “hmmmm….” {for those of you in the appropriate age range, feel free to start singing C+C Music Factory at any time}.

singer-microphoneWe’d love to find out what topics interest you – thoughts you may have – questions you’d like answered. This conference is a perfect time for us to take these questions and ask the 150 other franchises their opinions, giving us the best way to respond and act!

So speak up! Let us know! We want to hear from you!

{Feel free to keep on singing, too!}

On Listening

I wanted to call my mom today and ask her a question. My five year old had already asked me 37 questions and it was only 9am. I was probably going to lose all my marbles by 9:05am, so I needed to distract myself. I figured one question to my mom at forty-mummble-mumble years old wouldn’t be too out of line. She is a pro on handling a gazillion questions.

I think I could write a lengthy post about how parenting isn’t easy – sometimes question number 38 is really just going to break the camel’s back. There’s so much going on right now – the slide into the holidays, the last few days of school, presents or trips or dinners or in-laws or missing loved ones. It can be a time of joy – and a time of great stress.

But it was this familiar little saying that prompted this post to begin with:


It’s a quote from Catherine Wallace found on – and it sums up how at times we just have to suck it up if we hit question 38 before Word World comes on at 9:30am. (Friends, if you have not found Word World out by now… get thee to PBS; Dog, Ant, Duck, Pig and Sheep are the best!!)

The holidays will come and go. The snow will melt. They’ll get back into schooling rhythms soon! But take time to listen. It is one of the best gifts you can give them.

(And if you feel like you just want to scream – come share it on our VIP Facebook page – as we will surround you with love, compassion, acceptance and maybe even a beverage of your choice!)

Want to Write?

Are you a member of our Facebook Group: JBF GR/Kzoo VIPs? If not, we’d love you to be! You would have also seen this posted as well,,,

Calling all writers, want-to-be writers, opinionators and dreamers. We’d love for you to be a guest blogger on our blog!

Maybe you’ve read an article recently that touched you – or a funny thing happened to you on the way to the store – or you created a really fun class party idea – or had some experience raising a kid or two! We’d love to hear from you – and help us build content on our blog.

Don’t worry, your writing doesn’t have to be perfect. We’ll help you get it polished! 

Are you interested in helping us post here? We’d love to hear from you – just let us know!

Special Tip for Kids in Crowds

If “heat dome” and “ring of fire” and “corn sweat” aren’t enough to make you raise an eyebrow at the pending heat on tap for West Michigan this week, the pull of your child to get to some fun adventure in the middle of summer might be ringing in your ears.

Frankly, we’re still giggling at Corn Sweat, but that’s for another day!

In a recent publication by Huffington Post, the Clovis, CA, Police Department offered a really cool tip to parents who are about to brave a crowd with their child. The magic? A little smarts and a little product called Skin Shield. Entitled Police Department Offers Special ‘Tip’ For Parents With Kids In Crowds, the Clovis PD suggested to write your name and phone number on your child and cover it with a liquid band-aid. Then, take a photo of your child on your cell phone to have a current image with clothing and hairstyle.

If you’re headed out somewhere fun – enjoy the sun, the sand, the surf – and some sanity. Being prepared is truly half the battle. Sometimes more!

Have fun!

Happy Birthday America!


And just a little reminder about fireworks and safety. Kids love ’em – adults love ’em. But they are still launched with fire and they still explode on purpose. Keep a safe distance. With the dry weather West Michigan has had, make sure you have a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher near by if one “Boom!” becomes one “dud.”

Keep those precious fingers safe, too, if you’re doing sparklers or other hand-held little gems. We snagged this photo from – it’s simply a plastic cup with a small hole punched in the bottom.


Be safe – be responsible and be singing America the Beautiful at the top of your lungs! Happy Birthday, USA!

Allergies Still Causing a Fuss?

Much of the deep south is finished with their pollen outbreak – and they’re already harvesting fruits and veggies. No fair! But for us Northerners, allergy season is still out in full force. Really not fair!

Robin Wilson, an ambassador for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, and author of Clean Design: Wellness for Your Lifestyle, identifies the top 10 allergy and asthma triggers in homes and recommends how to do away with them:

  1. Tobacco smoke: Do not allow anyone to smoke in your home because even second-hand smoke can cause swelling and mucus production in the airways of the lungs.  If visitors to your home must smoke, send them outdoors.
  1. Pet Dander: Keep pets out of bedrooms and off upholstered furniture. Bathe pets at least once a week, and always wash your hands and launder clothing after playing with your pet.
  1. Mold: Even those who don’t suffer from allergies and asthma can suffer adverse health risks when mold is present. Lower your home’s humidity to help mold from flourishing; ventilate well by using exhaust fans in the bathrooms, kitchen and other damp areas; manage moisture in the basement and monitor your home after a storm strikes.
  1. Pollen: More people are allergic to pollen than anything else. Do not dry your clothes on outdoor clothesline, bathe before going to bed to rinse pollen off your body, place the clothes you wore in a covered laundry hamper outside your bedroom, wash your pillow cover frequently and remove your shoes when you enter your home.
  1. Dust: There is no way to keep dust out of your home, but you can significantly eliminate it.  Clean your home and wipe down surfaces frequently. Use an air purifier. The true HEPA filter effectively captures 99.97% of microscopic airborne particles that pass through the filter to keep the air as clean as possible.
  1. Clothing: You may not think of your clothes as a source of indoor air pollution, but chemicals in dry-cleaned clothing can contain perchloroethylene (perk) which has been linked to cancer in animals and is believed to be a human carcinogen.  If your dry-cleaned clothes hang in your closet for a while, they can release perk into the air.
  1. Cleaning supplies: Store household cleaning products away from children, in well-ventilated areas and be sure containers are tightly closed to help prevent fumes from leaking out. Buy small containers and discard after using rather than storing them for months or years.
  1. Vermin: In addition to being unsanitary, cockroaches, mice rats, and other vermin leave behind droppings that are major triggers for asthma and allergies. To protect your home, keep it free of crumbs, drips and other food waste, and repair holes in walls, cracks in floors, tears in window screens and other entry points to your home.
  1. Odors: Although they seem harmless, scented products – soaps, shampoos, perfumes, lotions, deodorant and even nail polish – can be a big symptom trigger of allergies and asthma. Additionally, manage your use of air fresheners, avoiding plug-in fragrance boxes and scented candles.
  1. Wood smoke: Fireplaces can be a beautiful focal point in a room. Unfortunately, using them to burn wood is not a great idea for allergy and asthma sufferers. Beautify your fireplace without fire. Choose a dramatic mantle and over-mantle décor like a large mirror, photograph or painting. Arrange birch logs with white bark on the fireplace grate, and create a still life inside the fireplace opening with pottery, vases, sculptures or plants