Got Ideas?

We’re already beginning to think of fun, exciting ways to attract new shoppers to our Fall sales. And that means it is contest time!

Did you have a favorite contest from this Spring? Perhaps it was jump to the front of the line? Or, perhaps getting free money to spend?

We’d love to hear what you liked – what you didn’t like – and what we should add! If you have a contest idea, let us know. You just might win one of your own awards!

Got Some?

exersaucersDid you have a garage sale this Spring and you’ve still got a few items left?

What about the fact you couldn’t even get to a garage sale? Got a big toy or play thing that’s just taking up TOO MUCH SPACE?!

We’ve got an answer! We’re looking for things like pack-n-plays, exersaucers, strollers, ride-on toys that you want to get rid of. Like yesterday.

We’ll pay you your garage sale price – and we’ll take it off your hands! It does need to be in good condition, free of pet-hair, stains, etc…and it should be not currently under a recall notice.

We buy – you get paid – and you get your space back! Interested? Just let us know!!