Tagging Supplies


How Do I Get Started?!


Meet a cute little baby who has the four critical steps for being successful at a JBF Sale – Gather, Prep, Price and Pack!

But, what happens when you gather and what does prep mean? It’s a little fluid – as many people do it differently, but in an attempt to make a video and show you – check this out:

It’s unedited and it’s raw footage – the downside to having a video option on your phone! But, you get the drift.

More little tidbits to follow – happy tagging!


Tagging Tip Tuesday – It’s in the Detail!

One of our beloved JBF Owners loves to sing the mantra of appropriate tagging “BCD, if you please!”

Brand. Color. Description.

Oh, let me tell you how important this is. See this rack:


That’s just one rack – of many – where the tag fell off the item, we scoured the complete database and still couldn’t match a tag up to its owner.

The result? No sale – and to the lost and found pile it goes.

SO SAD!! I’m crying on my receipt – I really wanted that xyz-pdq outfit! Alas, no tag, no sale. Bummer!

Here’s a gentle, loving reminder of what won’t work for a tag:


“Clothing”  This was a tag without a home. There is no way we can match that to anything – so essentially, it’s wasted time for the consignor who cleaned it, hung it, entered it, tagged it and got it to the sale. We want you to earn as much as you can – and tags with descriptions get lovingly matched all throughout the event.

So, let’s say this was for a pair of jeans. BCD if you please!
Sonoma, dark wash, jeans with snap

Or a sweater:
Merona, green white stripe sweater

Yes, using a generic like “clothing” helps you mass produce tags. But the moment that tag falls off, it’s not possible to sell your item. It takes a smidge longer, we know. But it’s worth it. Besides, for you talk-to-text gurus, you can do that on your phone or tablet and talk-tag away. Super simple!

So, please, oh please, BCD!!

Kzoo, We’re Coming!

We are less than two weeks out from our second sale in Kalamazoo! We’re so excited to bring one of the nation’s biggest consignment sales to the area – but we’re more excited about connecting with the community. Offering families a way to clear their clutter and create cash – as well as support the Kalamazoo Dream Center as a way to Buy Local and Stay Local.

If you haven’t signed up to sell at this fantastic event, know that it is super simple!

  • Go to our site http://www.kalamazoo.jbfsale.com
  • Register as a consignor for the event
  • Tag your items – it’ll take a little bit of prep work – but you’re home, in your element (in your jammies, even!) and you’ll get yourself all set
  • Drop off your items on Wednesday, Oct 5 and that’s it!! No tables to man, to prices to haggle – and THREE DAYS of selling time.

Once the sale is over, checks are emailed to you within a week. It’s really easy to get your house emptied and get that bank account a little thicker before the holiday season arises.

Come on, join us! Thousands of shoppers can’t be wrong!

Clean Up, Clean Up

In our home, we have a little song when it’s time to clean up:

Clean up, clean up
Everybody, everywhere
Clean up, clean up
Everybody do your share!

As I sit here singing to myself while typing, it’s also a great time for the JBF Team to ask you to clean up your sold and donated tags. If you chose to pick up unsold items, then just your sold tags.

The process is pretty simple – but the benefit is crucial to our overall awareness of just how many items make it to the start of a sale. We rely on the number of tags you have in your system when we run the overall reports – so ensuring an accurate tag database is vital as we grow.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log in to the tagging site
  2. Then, first, know what sold! Click on the reports link and follow it to “sold” items. Yay for you! reports
  3. Next, it’s time to delete those tags. Start by clicking the purple Edit/Delete Tagsdelete-tags1
  4. Then in the filter area, where it defaults to All Items, change that….delete-tags2
  5. To sold items….or donate and sold….delete-tags3
  6. You will then need to scroll down to ensure that you select ALL ITEMS (as your filter has now been applied – and you will see only your filtered items)edit-delete-select-all
  7. Then scroll back up to hit the delete button … it will ask you to confirm your delete, which you should do, and then you’re all set!

What you have essentially done is used the Edit/Delete feature to filter out your tags. You select those filtered tags and then delete them.

Your support here is so important to us – thanks again for being such great consignors. And, if we’ve confused you to pieces, just call us and we can talk you through it!

One Week Out!

Set up at the DeltaPlex  begins one week from today. Drop off is a week from tomorrow – which means the JBF GR/Kzoo team is in overdrive! We’re totally excited for the fall sale in our new location. We’re confident this gives us the ability to grow with you and we can’t wait to see what happens.

With about a week to go, some of you are thinking “oy vey, I haven’t even started – what do I do!?!”

It’s not a perfect set of suggestions, but it will get you motivated and hopefully seeing us in a few short days. If you’ve got limited time and you’re still at the beginning, here is what we suggest:

  1. Find the pile that bugs you the most in your home. Start there. It might be a hodge podge, but you can get it into the system and feel accomplished.
  2. No “bothersome” pile? Aim for high-value items. Toys (especially big ones), puzzles, groups of books, great name-brand clothing. Get a bang for you buck if you can only find time to tag 50 items or so.
  3. Pick one size of clothing to master. This will make entering your tags very easy with the “rapid entry” system.
  4. Skip the Spring/Summer items for now. If you’re short on time, go for Fall/Winter items. All seasons do sell – but this can help you put your pile into perspective.

Pick something that will reward your time and effort – your cluttered space – or your bank account. Start there – and know that you can do it!!

Happy Tagging!!

Early Bird – Valet Tagging

Early birdAre you an early bird who gets the worm? Or, in this case, secures your spot for valet tagging?

Then it’s time to sign up! Click this link to fill out a Google form that will allow you to simply drop off your best items to a tagger. They prep, price, tag, and bring your items to the sale and you just get your check!

Here’s the specifics:

  • Drop off clean items to your tagger.
  • Earn 45% of the selling price, less a $20 consignor fee.
  • If you choose to volunteer 4 or more hours, you’ll receive 50% on your sold items.
  • You need to have a minimum of 50 items to consign.
  • Items need be in excellent condition – toys cleaned, clothes laundered (no stains, pilings, smoke/odor or tears).
  • Items need to be sorted by size and gender with outfits together – cardboard boxes are great, as they keep things neat. In a pinch though, a garbage bag will work.
  • Items need to have all their parts and be in working order with batteries.
  • Items should not be on the JBF Nationwide Recall List.

Space is limited and we take requests on a first come first served basis – so sign up soon!


Update to Tagging Site

Hey Consignors! Just a little technology update to pass along to you. After careful consideration (and lots of research around the country at various Spring sales), the Beta Test for 12 tags per page just did not scan as well as we hoped.

Therefore, as of June 17th, the Beta Test is now at 9 tags per page. Still more economical than the 6 tags – but now, with a larger field in which to tag and scan.

Any tags that were already printed are just fine – no need to reprint!

Hope you’re enjoying this awesome Michigan summer weather!


Are any of you on overload?

Perhaps toy overload or book overload? (Or, yes, since school is out for most of us, kid overload?!)

Now might be a perfect time to tag a few things. With the new beta print option of 12 tags per page, I’ve been gathering things up in dozens as I go. When I hit 12, I simply print one sheet, attach the tags, store them in a bag in the basement and move on.

Twelve more things out of sight – out of mind. Twelve more things to make some cash on this fall – and to get out of the way.

Seriously, how many more Legos can one girl step on?!

So consider a challenge perhaps for the next week. The kids are home – they’re probably already bugging you and you can put them to work. Gather up a toy or two they no longer play with. Read that book they are too old for one more time – then tag that thing and get it out!

Your closest….and your sanity…will thank you for it!

Join us in the purge!

I Goofed…Now What?

You’re tagging fast and furious. You’re on a roll. Your tags are going in…and then you stop and look.

Shoot! You meant to check “reduce” and you forgot. You’ve gotten 175 tags in and you ponder out loud “Please tell me I don’t have to edit every one?!”

Nope! You don’t!

First – select the purple “edit/delete tags” button on the main screen – it’s usually on the right, above where your tags get listed.

Then, scroll down to see the “modify” section. For every tag you have highlighted (you will have needed to select all – or select the tags in question) you can change your reduced values and/or change your donated values.

Click “update” and you’re done!

Now. what about the fact that every time you log in, the donate or reduce field is always (un)checked? Moreover, you don’t want it to be like that.

We’ve got a fix for that, too.

On the left column, go to My Profile. Your user defaults are right here – you can adjust them at any time. Each time you enter tags. the default will be what you want it to be.

Hope that helps. Tag on!