Reminder- Valet Tagging Open!

Just a reminder that valet tagging is open! We are already filling up slots quickly and we hope you might be one of them! If you are interested in having someone else tag your items and take them down to the sale for you, valet tagging might be the option for you! Check our website for more details!


Valet Tagging is Open!

Are you a planner?

Are you ready to kick some of your clutter out – sooner rather than later?!

Then you’ll be thrilled to know that our Valet Tagging Program is accepting sign ups for the Spring 2018 sale!

Yup, you can have someone else tag your cleaned, working, ready to sell items – they’ll hold on to them – and they’ll bring them to the sale floor for you!

Want to know more? Follow this link to learn the details and see if this program is a good fit for you. You’ll work with your tagger to determine the best drop off for the both of you and work with you to ensure what you drop off is ready to sell.We’d love to have you!Facebook Timeline Sp18

Ready to Purge

Are you ready to purge more now that summer is coming?  Want the items out of your home now? Consider Valet Tagging!

We’ll take your clean, stain-free, battery-working, in good condition items – we’ll tag them, bring them to the sale in September and put them on the floor for you. You sit back in a clutter-free house and wait for your check!

Valet Fall 17

No Time to Tag? Valet Options Abound!

valetIs a cleaner playroom on your list of goals? Is de-cluttering your house on your resolution list? Sign up to sell your gently loved items at the next JBF sale and turn that clutter into Ca$h!

There are two ways…prep and tag your items yourself or if time is an issue, sign up to have your items Valet Tagged. Our Valet Tagging Team is amazing. They take your cleaned, sorted and ready-to-go items (boxed or bagged – talk with your valet tagger once you’ve established contact) and sit back and wait for your check! It’s that easy.

Information including consignor percentages, consignor fees and the fine print about the condition of your items can be found by clicking here.

We’re ready – so sign up today!