Quality Counts – Part 4 – Shoes

So I found these boots the other day in my daughters closet. They are not the right size, and I thought they would be a perfect fit for the sale. I tossed them over to the basket where I continue to collect my items over the course of a week or two before I tag. In the toss, something caught my eye…

Those cute little purple boots… Rain boots no less… Had a gash on the upper bridge. The little girl who would get these next would have wet feet in a matter of minutes.

She would be frustrated, her mother would be frustrated. This is the kind of quality we want to ensure especially if a parent or other loved one is buying an item at one of the sales for use later in the year. How frustrating to find a crack in a rain boot two months after you’ve purchased it?!

So please add this to your quality check on your shoes. We will do more quality posts around shoes, so stay tuned. But boots are a place to check to ensure that if they are designed to keep snow or rain out, that they will do that!

Here is to happy feet!

Fun Poolside Activities

Thanks to the JBF Corporate Blog for some fun, creative ideas for your doodlebugs by the pool this summer. Here’s an inexpensive one that’s got some staying power. Enjoy!

Going to the pool with your kids is probably one of your go-to activities over the summer. Your kids probably love soaking in the sunshine and playing with their friends at your local pool and hanging out poolside. But how many times do you see your kids getting bored of just swimming around? Switch up your summer days by introducing some fun poolside arts and crafts! Your kids will have so much fun making these and will love playing with them in the water. Now you can relax and read a book by the poolside while your kids are entertained. One less worry for mom!

Pool Noodle Boats


Pool noodle
Plastic Straw
Hole puncher
Foam sheet

  1. Cut the pool noodle into 1- 3 inch pieces. You can use scissors or a knife to do so
  2. Cut the foam into triangles to be the “sail” of the boat. Punch holes on the top and bottom of the foam.
  3. If you have creative little ones they can decorate the foam sail. Bring some sharpies to the pool and your kids can doodle their favorite pictures and write their names on them! Or bring some stickers and decorate the foam with them as well. But be careful, these decorations may come off when wet.
  4. Fit the straw through each of the holes in the foam, and place the straw into the pool noodle.


These pool noodle boats take two minutes to make and your kids will love playing with them. They can put their toys inside of the boat and swim with their favorite toys! Your kids will also love playing with the boats with all their friends. They can have boat races in the water, play pretend games, you may even see them wanting to play with the boats once they’re out of the pool as well. The possibilities are endless!

Get a Move On – A Trip Around the World, Part 4

bowl-of-riceOur next stop in our food tour around the world is Japan! A lot like Greece, Japan is over 70% mountains and has more than 6,000 islands. Japanese children love to go to school – and like bringing their lunch. One of their favorite things to eat is rice. In fact, many Japanese kids even eat rice for breakfast!

Try a taste of Japan with your child. Cook plain white rice by adding 2 cups of water and 1 cup of rice in a pot. Cover the pot and let it boil for 20 minutes. When the rice is finished cooking, the water will be gone (a great topic of conversation with your little one!) and the fluffy rice will remain. Top your rice with soy sauce and see if you can eat it with chopsticks. “Tano-shimu!” – Enjoy!

Next stop? Australia!

This is part of the Get a Move On series – keeping your child healthy through activity and movement.

Quality Counts – Part 3 – Zippers

Zippers… Frustrating for toddlers, annoying for teenagers, and back to frustrating again for adults when they are broken!

Here’s an example of a zipper that actually still zips, but you can tell that it is broken, as it is missing the toggle. Items like this are perfect for donation, but we kindly ask that if the zipper is not complete, either repair it completely in order to sell the item at the sale, or donate the item. 

Why? The zipper still works!

True, it does zip. However, as many of our shoppers are quickly looking for bargains in a shopping frenzy, they are counting on you to ensure that the item is in full working order. Broken zippers that don’t zip are obvious. However zippers that are half broken, or do not function the way they were originally made, fall into this quality category that we count on you to help us enforce.

Thanks for helping us keep the quality at our sales very high!

Get a Move On – A Trip Around the World, Part 3

1-1210579642iNkhOur second stop in our food tour around the world is Kenya! Home of the world’s largest tropical lake, Lake Victoria, Kenya is also known for tasty foods like bananas, beans and pumpkins. Kids in Kenya love to help their parent’s garden and one of their favorite things to grow and eat are sweet potatoes – also known as yams.

You can have a lot of fun with sweet potatoes with your child. You can slice up a sweet potato and toss it in 1 Tablespoon of olive oil, salt and pepper and bake at 400 for 30 minutes for your own sweet potato fries. It’s a great way to try a new food. Remember to get your child involved by asking them to help  and encourage them to participate by asking them how sweet potatoes are like baking (white) potatoes – and how they are different. Enjoy a tasty treat together!

Next stop? Japan!

This is part of the Get a Move On series – keeping your child healthy through activity and movement.

Quality Counts – Part 2 – Rips

Some are legit – some are “oops” – but when to know the difference?

Rips may cause you to pause when you’re getting ready to put an item of clothing into a JBF sale. But we don’t want you to pause that much!

If the rip is something that occurred because your kid was too rough on the knees or that they tugged their pants up too often and pulled out a belt loop…those rips in garments are perfect for donation. However, they’re not perfect for our sale.

Don’t worry, our charities can sell the fabric for poundage – which benefits them greatly. So bring your rips – marked for donate in our bins. However, we kindly ask that you don’t tag those items and leave them for our charities.

Not sure if your rip qualifies (like those pesky “distressed” jeans) – feel free to post a photo to our VIP Page and we’ll be happy to chime in!

Get a Move On – Trip Around the World Part 2

tzatzikiOur first stop in inspiring kids to eat fun foods from around the world is Greece.  A country on the Mediterranean Sea, Greece is known for lots of yummy foods like olives, grapes and cucumber sauce called “tzatziki” (pronounced zot-zee-kee). Greek people love to eat tzatziki with veggie sticks or bread – and kids love to help their parents make it.

Try it for yourself! You’ll need:

  • 1 cucumber chopped really small
  • 1 cup plain yogurt
  • ½ teaspoon garlic salt (or…minced garlic and a little table salt)
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

Mix the four ingredients together – kids are great mixers, so get them involved. Have fun learning about how Greece is made up of over 1,400 islands – and is home of the very first Olympics – while munching on carrot sticks and tzatziki. As they say in Greece – OPA! (Which means “hooray!”)

Next stop? Kenya!

This is part of the Get a Move On series – keeping your child healthy through activity and movement.

Got Ideas?

We’re already beginning to think of fun, exciting ways to attract new shoppers to our Fall sales. And that means it is contest time!

Did you have a favorite contest from this Spring? Perhaps it was jump to the front of the line? Or, perhaps getting free money to spend?

We’d love to hear what you liked – what you didn’t like – and what we should add! If you have a contest idea, let us know. You just might win one of your own awards!

Get a Move On – Healthy Habits Around the World – Part 1

Inspire your kids with fun foods! Consider taking a trip through your grocery store and learn about the world we live in. If you have a picky eater – or you just want to try new things – learning about food in various countries is a great way to start. It’s also a great way to get your child involved and learning.

There are many ways to get going – start by picking a food or a country – and ask your child to help. Take time to look up where the country is by using a map or the internet. Then, encourage your child to think about what life might be like for kids in that country.  In the following weeks, we’ll look at various foods and cultures around the world including Greece, Kenya, Japan, Australia, Brazil and the Native Americans of the USA. Enjoy the trip around the world!

This is part of the Get a Move On series – keeping your child healthy through activity and movement.

Quality Counts! – Part 1 – Stains

Quality counts for every JBF sale – every. single. time.

One of our biggest differentiators is our commitment to quality. And, while our percentages of “items pulled” versus what is available for sale on the floor is really low, it still remains vitally important.

Our goal? No items pulled.

Is that possible? Probably not. We’re human. Even the most proficient taggers still miss things. But, our goal is to get the number of pulled items off the floor down to as close to zero as possible.

Why? Three main reasons:

  1. Our shoppers want high quality – and they are after it!
  2. It’s a HUGE time challenge for us to manage what gets pulled, create the log, get in touch with the seller and then get it back to them if they are not donating.
  3. It takes up VITAL space! Have you seen our sale? It’s huge! Let’s leave the room on the racks for clothes that are stain free!

We love donations – we hope you know that by now. So stained items can still be used! From a Free Store to those in need, sold for poundage to recycle/upcycle or used for other projects – there is still a need. So bring your stained clothing to the sale….and place it in our donation bins!

stained clothesWhat constitutes a stain? If you can see it, it’s a stain. Grease, spit up, grundies that didn’t work, grass lines, dirt stains…food, markers, bleached spots….

If you can see it – donate it!

Want to try to get it out – check out this link from musthavemom, we thought it was pretty cool. Thanks to their site for the photo for this post, too!