Books and More Books!

Books sell really well! We’ve put a system in place to keep books standing up, showcasing them off in their best light. We use white gutters to stand the books up and we line them up in a way that makes it easy for shoppers to search through.

Since books do sell, here are a few things to remember about selling your books – and moreover, tagging them.

If you’ve got a more antique-type book, or a cover that is not glossy, be careful with tape. You can see in this photo – even painters tape pulled up the cover.

Consider using a plastic bag. Place your book and your tag inside – but remember to tape down your bag when you’re done. It will keep your tag with your book(s).

Speaking of multiple books – using the bag like you saw above is a great idea. But if your books are too large, or you’d prefer to use up some twine, ribbon or other option – feel free to wrap them up like you see here:

A few final thoughts about books.

  • They need to be priced well! Grouping your items together can help you get a higher price and conserve your tags. But, on average, books need to be a good bargain.
  • If you still have the original price tag on the book – try placing your tag near that sticker. It’s a great way to showcase the savings of buying the book at the JBF Sale.
  • Consider the amount of love your book has seen. If the pages are worn or the flip tabs torn, think about donating your book. We try to keep our books in as good of condition as possible.
  • And finally – The Tag! Please make sure to write a description for your tag. Simply saying “Book” – will not be enough if your tag falls off. Be kind – verbalize!