Final Countdown

keep-calm-it-s-almost-time-15The final countdown is on for the kick off of our 2016 sales. We’re so excited to launch Kalamazoo in April – and get the wheels turning for our Grand Rapids sale which is just 72 hours away from drop off. How did six months go by so fast?!

We’re grateful for your participation in this sale! It’s our goal to provide a high quality event that can benefit so many families. From shoppers to sellers – our fabulous charities – and our awesome volunteers – we hope this event clears your clutter and puts cash in your wallet!

A few final things…

  • Pack your car well! Being organized at home gets you organized at the sale.
  • Make sure you’ve got a small item with a tag on it handy for registration.
  • Nope – no more self-addressed stamped envelopes – you can leave those at home.
  • Wear comfortable shoes! (Mom always said this was smart, right?!)
  • Check your sale history throughout the week. Enjoy watching those little check boxes turn to “sold.”
  • Do a final check before pick up. Perhaps you just want to donate those final items after all. In the Image, Alpha Women’s Center and GRPS will be so grateful you did!
  • Take a deep breath….when you find that “one last item” to sell, make a quick tag – or start your Fall Sale stash!

Drop off is almost here – let the fun begin!


Drop Off – What to Expect

Many of our first time consignors want to know what to expect at drop off. In short, it’s frenzied and fantastic fun.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • You’ll arrive at the location, armed with one, small, convenient item that has your tag on it. You’ll walk into the welcome area and meet Melanie Salamone – she’s one of the owners. She will check you in and get you on your way.
  • You’ll then take your paperwork and walk over to the unloading area. You’ll see lots of cars parked nice and close. We hope to allow easy access and a ramp for flatbed cards to help you out. Walk into the unloading area with your paperwork and meet the volunteer who is handling the Drop Off Desk.
  • You’ll get the lay of the land – you will see that there are marked off areas (usually designated with a number) and one of these areas will be assigned to you. You’ll be able to unload the entirety of your car/van into this spot.
  • Once you are given your area and have unloaded your vehicle, you’ll begin to hang up your clothes on portable racks. A team of volunteers work the Drop Off area – and one or more will be assigned to you. They will do a quick inspection looking for stains and tears. As they are doing this – often there is a lull in time for you. This is a great time to put some of your toys/books/mommy items out on the floor in their designated locations. The volunteers will finish up and you’ll be set to wheel the rack out on to the floor.
  • This is where your organization at home will really pay off! If your clothes are already organized by size, hang them up that way. Then, when you walk to “Girls 2T” you can just grab your items, drop them off and move on. No sorting, no waiting, less work!
  • Once you’ve gotten all your items on the floor – and often, we’ll have volunteers able to help when they can – you’re free to leave.

Organization is key to a successful Drop Off. Wear comfortable shoes and plan on about an hour. We look forward to seeing you!