It’s a Wrap!

Another sale in the bag! We’re so energized from this week – we hope you had a positive experience at the sale. We’re always looking for ways to improve, so if you have a suggestion or two, just email us.

A few commonly asked “when  it’s over” questions:

  • What happens to all the stuff that was left? In a fast-paced seven hours, the entire room was cleared out. All the donates when to In the Image, Alpha Women’s Center and various schools throughout Kent County. We had some delighted faces to be sure – and your items are being put to good use as soon as school is in session on Monday!All the remaining “back to consignor” items were organized and placed for pick up today. Any item still remaining at the end of drop off will also be donated to one of our charities.
  • When can I clear out my tags? Right now! If you want to sell in the Kalamazoo sale – just delete out your sold tags and keep your unsold items. If you’re a new consignor just starting for Kalamazoo – you’re already ready to go! Don’t forget – if you itemize your taxes, make sure to export out all your donated items!
  • Can I consign and/or shop at Kalamazoo? Absolutely!!! We’d love to have you. Just log back in and select the next sale. Sign up the same way you do for Grand Rapids.
  • When do I get my check? It’ll be in your email box this time. Melanie and Melissa need a few days to reconcile all the reports – so be patient, but expect it soon!

We’re grateful for your participation at the sale in what ever shape or fashion it took. We hope to see you in Kalamazoo or in the Fall!