FAQ Time – Batteries

BatteriesWe hope to start a little series on this blog of FAQ’s – those frequently asked questions that seem to pop up around sale time every year.

For this installment, we’re going to focus on batteries. Do you need them? What kind? Why oh why does it call for Size C? (Because who really uses Size C anyway?!)

In short, yes, any toy requiring a battery needs to have one (or more) to turn the item on. The primary reason is that we want your buyer to know that your item works.

Now – it doesn’t need to be a top of the line battery. In fact, any battery will do – even ones with just a little life left in them.

TIP: If your item won’t turn on – replace only one battery at a time until it does turn on. Even a glimmer is fine as long as it works. This might save you from replacing all the batteries.

Now if you just can’t find an extra battery…it’s late….you’re out of time…do not worry! We have batteries for purchase at drop off. Especially those pesky battery sizes you just don’t keep around. The fee just comes out of your check. No cash needed!

Keeping the quality high is one of our top priorities and giving assurance to our shoppers that items for sale are in good working condition is part of that plan. Thanks for doing your part!

p.s. If you have an item where the battery compartment is corroded and the battery portion no longer works – please consider donating the item. We know that many toys still have a lot of life and love to give, even if the siren is off! Donating is a great way to get it out of your house and into those loving little hands.