Wherefore Art Thou, Hanger?

Hanger, oh hanger, wherefore art thou hanger?

Shakespeare notwithstanding, where do you find hangers? It’s a common question and you’re not alone. At a JBF sale, all of our clothing will be on hangers, sorted by gender and size. So this is a fairly critical part of your sale prep.

As for what kind of hanger it is, it does not matter. Plastic or wire, small or large; if it hangs it, it works!

Searching for hangers in your closet is the first step. If you purchased a new item at one point and still have that hanger, you could use that. If you can pilfer your best friend’s closet…or grandma’s or your neighbor’s…try there, too.

If you’ve exhausted your “free” search – consider your local dollar store or resale shop. Many times hangers are bundled for 10 for $1. We’ve also had many consignors who have a great relationship with their dry cleaner and find them that way. Garage sales during the summer months are also great ways to score (it pays to think ahead!).

If, after you’ve exhausted all your options, you can purchase packs of hangers from Melanie and Melissa  – feel free to email them. Or, you may check online. Just use your favorite search engine to check online for “bulk, inexpensive hangers.” You won’t be the first to search for it – and many online retailers sell them.

Happy Hangering!

Oh – and PSST! When you’re hanging your clothes – make sure the hanger looks like a question mark (open side on the left)!


Tagging Supplies 101


One of the most common questions asked is, “what supplies do I need, and where is the best place to get them?”  Here’s a budget-friendly list to help you get started-many of these items, you can grab at the dollar store!

  1. Hangers-any hanger will do, whether it be plastic or wire!  Sometimes department stores will give these out for free if you ask.   You can also ask at your local dry cleaners or even local charity.   If you are looking to purchase them, skip the dollar store as they tend to be cheaper at Walmart or Target.
  2. Safety Pins-with these, skip the tiny ones.  You’ll need safety pins to attach price tags to clothing (you can also pin pants to hangers through the belt loops).  Looking for a cheap resource?  Check your local dry cleaner!  Skip buying them from the dollar store; these are flimsy and odd sized!  *If you have many clothes to tag, a tagging gun is a great option!  You can purchase these for under $10 on Amazon.*
  3. Zip Ties- these are great for securing shoes together, securing larger items to hangers or for combining toy parts!  Buy them at the dollar store-$1 per pack is hard to beat! *Curling ribbon is another alternative to zip ties.*
  4. Ziploc Bags- use these to combine toy parts or pieces of equipment.  Again, if you can find these at the dollar store, grab them there!
  5. Tape- you’ll want to use packing tape to secure the openings of Ziploc bags & painter’s tape to attach tags to books (this way, the book cover isn’t damaged when the tag is removed).  Buy tape at Walmart, Target, or even the dollar store!
  6. Cleaning supplies- Magic Erasers work WONDERS and can be your best friend! They are highly recommend them.  Sometimes, you can find these at the dollar store, otherwise, check Walmart or Target!
  7. Card stock- White card stock ONLY please; we don’t allow tags to be printed on regular paper because paper rips too easily.  Your items will be handled multiple times during our sale.  Card stock tends to also be cheaper at Walmart, but Target or any office supply store should carry it too.
  8. Batteries- if you plan on consigning battery-operated toys or equipment, please make sure your items are in working condition!  Grab cheap batteries at the dollar store!
  • To sign up as a consignor or access the tagging site for Grand Rapids, click HERE.
  • To sign up as a consignor or access the tagging site for Kalamazoo, click HERE.

Hope this list has been helpful!  As always, if you have ANY questions, please contact Melissa at melissacook@jbfsale.com, or call/ text 616.528.8284, see you at the sale!

Cleaning supplies