Pricing – Shoes, Glorious Shoes

ShoesIf your kid is anything like our kids – their feet just won’t stop growing! We’re totally grateful for flip flops in the summer, they hide a myriad of “oops, your foot is a what?!

But Fall is coming – so is Back to School (in some cases, school starts up next week already – good luck and learn lots, you fabulous kids, you!). With Back to School comes “the list” of what to bring. Gym shoes…followed by soccer cleats and football cleats and dance shoes and ballet shoes. Then there’s church shoes and school shoes, rain boots and snow boots. In our little corner of the world, it’s hard to get away with just one or two pairs for a whole year.

JBF is the perfect answer for the extras you need at the price you want. We try to balance the type and quality of shoes at our events – but we do understand the need for that extra pair, especially when those toes are growing so fast. Our goal is to provide the widest possible selection while still maintaining our commitment to quality.

If you’re getting ready to sell some shoes, please keep these tips in mind:

  • Keep those shoes together! Rubber band, tie with string, tie or velcro together, safety pin or place in zip top bags. Anything you can do so pairs stay put.
  • Magic Eraser those little buggers! Shoes need to be clean. Two minutes of hard work puts your shoes to the top of the buying list.
  • Are they scuffed? Are they scuffed to the point you wouldn’t buy them? Let’s keep those off the floor. Our donation partners will gladly take them – so it’s still a win for you, too! Keep in mind shoes that have really just seen their last wear need to be recycled where possible.
  • Be price competitive. There are quite literally thousands of shoes at the Grand Rapids sale and Kalamazoo isn’t that far behind. Yes, some brands do command a higher price – but don’t knock yourself out of the running.

One look at the shoe pile that doesn’t sell answers everything: too scuffed/dirty or overpriced. Be smart – add cash to your wallet and space to your closet floors. Clean them up, price them right and take that all the way to the bank!


Pricing Toys – Tape is Your Friend!

Toys! So…many…toys!

That’s one of the many reasons we love JBFfal15toys10
you can purge a lot of little toys to add up to one big check.

Pretty much toys of any kind are accepted. They need to be in good working order, if they take a battery it must be operating. (How good does that battery have to be?? As long as the toy turns on, it’s good enough. Don’t keep stock in Size C? We’ve got them at drop off for a nominal charge.) If they come with pieces, it needs to have all the pieces. No one wants to open up an alphabet jungle house and find out that Bubba Bear and PeeWee Penguin are missing!

What about that stack of pieces-parts that have been underfoot for months? Those gallon size zip top bags are genius for this. Put the pieces in, drop the tag in, zip the top and then tape it shut.

What about two large pieces that need to stay together? Put them back-to-back or in a way that the buyer can see the most important parts. Place the tag in a convenient spot and tape it up.

Will the top of the box fly open and parts will fall out? Tape it closed.

Are you seeing a theme here?

We can’t tell you how many little parts wander away from their home. Think of the movie Toy Story – and keep the friends together!

If you are concerned about packing tape – try painters tape. They sell rolls of it at various dollar stores. And yes, sometime tape just won’t work. Zip ties, rubber bands, string, etc are all fine. Just please, oh please, make sure that we can scan the tag and that all the parts are there.

A few final thoughts:

  • Original packaging helps sell the product – but it is certainly not needed.
  • Don’t outprice yourself on common, tried-and-true kids toys. Little People are totally awesome. And 157 other consignors also thought so!*
  • Consider donating toys if they don’t sell. They end up with at-risk, homeless or displaced kids right here in West Michigan. We promise they go to good homes….and they’re out from under your feet!

Use tape. Get the parts together. Use more tape. Price well. Enjoy a clean home.

For a few months!

* Yes, you’re right. 157 people don’t always sell Little People at the sale. They are beloved and a crowd favorite. But you get our drift!

Pricing Clothes – Overpriced Brands

One of the more common questions we’re asked about clothing is “how much should I price….” – and frankly, it’s not an easy answer.

The answer depends on what quality is the item, i.e. new or gently used? Is it a brand name or a discount brand? How old is it, regardless of condition?

So to answer the question we always get, we turn it back to you…would you buy it? How much would you pay for it? Can you get your item brand new from the store if they have an end-of-season sale?

Take Target, Kohls, Meijer, WalMart, Old Navy, Costco and Sam’s Club. All sell cute clothing and all of them have a bazillion coupons and end-of-season clearance. That really cute tunic you nabbed your daughter for $0.97 at Old Navy? Yup, you’re probably not going to get $3 for that at the sale. However, bundle that with a great pair of leggings and one more tunic – then you’re talking.

If you’ve got a handlful of really great clothing that can be found super cheap, consider bundling it. Because those names above….they’re not going to give you a dollar for dollar return. Don’t get us wrong…they can, and will, sell when priced appropriately and ready to go. Take that top and match it with a bottom. Make the next mom’s life a little easier and give her an outfit that’s ready to roll. You’re check will thank you for it!