Spotlight on Safety

Garage sale season is here with gusto!

Have you ever stopped by – looked at a toy – perhaps purchased it – only to get home and realize it’s got a recall on it? Shop with confidence at JBF sales – and we take the worry out of product recalls for you!

Up this time – those really cool Step 2 Riders. You know the kind – the ones that make your kids squeal with delight: “more, pease…more. PEEEAASSEE!”

They sound so cute messing up those words!

Take a look at this rider….

Step2 Rider Full

Step2 Rider

You’re looking for the little yellow pin in the back – it can break loose and the handle falls off. There is a repair kit for it – and will look like the blue bolt on the right.

Push your little one around with confidence – “ok, just one more time!” is music to their ears.