“Well, That’s Strange!”

It’s a few days after the sale. You are eagerly awaiting your check and sorting through the (hopefully!) few items that you brought back home. You run across the cutest little dress you remember your daughter wearing last Spring and you say to yourself “well, that’s strange! This is the cutest little dress, why didn’t it sell?!”

After all, it’s about as adorable as can be, you think. You wonder out loud “what makes some thing sell and others not?”

It’s a good question and one we get a lot. Sometimes the answers are elusive – a lot like picking tomorrow’s lottery ticket numbers. But other times there are things to consider:

  • Was your price too high? We know you love your item and you feel it has great value. But, consider checking the pricing guide we have in place for West Michigan. Our shoppers are out for great quality and great prices.
  • Was your item a little too old? Retailers are getting smarter about tagging their clothing for the year it was produced. Parents often take a look at that and take that into consideration.
  • Did your item have a flaw you just didn’t catch at home? We can’t tell you how often people share “oh, I tagged that item at 10pm while watching tv one night.” The lighting in your home is different from at the sale. Sometimes things just creep up. We try our very best to maintain excellent standards and help you at drop off to catch these items, but sometimes things slip through.
  • Is your item pretty common? If you have an infant sized sleeper – you can bet that many of our other consignors do, too. Sometimes we just have an overabundance.
  • Is your item for a more picky clientele? Let’s rephrase that – if you’ve got Juniors size clothing (especially girls!) remember – kids are picky when they get older. We try to limit our consignors to 20 of their best items. Even then, consider your audience!

It’s not an exact science why some things sell and others don’t. But, if you’ve picked up your item and you’d like to try again, we strongly advise you to drop the price – consider letting it go 1/2 off – check the quality and be knowledgeable about that item’s popularity.

It’s entirely possible to get your sales rate at 70%, 80% or even 95% – it happens every sale. Join that crew – it’s a fun place to be!