Pick Up – What to Expect

Just as important as Drop Off before the sale – is Pick Up at the conclusion of a shopping-filled week. Of course, our goal with each sale is to sell as much a possible in the hopes you’ll have nothing to pick up!

When you are filling out your tags before the sale, you have an opportunity to check the “donate” box. If you select this box, any unsold items are sent on to our fabulous charity partners: In the Image, Alpha Women’s Center and the Homeless/Title 1 and At-Risk children of Grand Rapids Public Schools. You are able to run a report of any unsold, donated items and use this in tax season if you itemize your deductions. Once the sale is over, just run your report and there is no need for you to come to Pick Up. All of your items will be taken care of and donated for you.

Should you not wish to donate your unsold items, when you are making your tags, you’ll leave the “donate” box unchecked. We will sort these items by your consignor number and when you arrive at Pick Up, they will be ready for you.

Pick Up is pretty simple. Upon arriving back at the venue, you’ll come and check in with Melissa or Melanie. You’ll first head to the lost and found table to ensure that any untagged items can make it back to their owners.

Then, you’ll head over to the clothing racks. Each rack is marked by consignor number (alpha…then numeric). Gather up any clothes hanging in your spot. From there, head to the toy/item table and also find your designated spot by consignor number.

Finally, if there is a section of large items (which most times, there is not – they sell so well!), check there.

Head up to the front, check out with Melanie or Melissa and say farewell to the next show!

And….a few things to remember:

  • Log in and check your item log before you come. Know what to expect to pick up.
  • If you decide you’d rather not come to pick up your items, you are welcome to simply not show up. Anything unclaimed at the final cut off time is donated.
  • Choosing to donate reduces your consignor fee – helps kids right here in West Michigan – and impacts our community. (And yes, it makes break down a lot easier!)

Drop Off – What to Expect

Many of our first time consignors want to know what to expect at drop off. In short, it’s frenzied and fantastic fun.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • You’ll arrive at the location, armed with one, small, convenient item that has your tag on it. You’ll walk into the welcome area and meet Melanie Salamone – she’s one of the owners. She will check you in and get you on your way.
  • You’ll then take your paperwork and walk over to the unloading area. You’ll see lots of cars parked nice and close. We hope to allow easy access and a ramp for flatbed cards to help you out. Walk into the unloading area with your paperwork and meet the volunteer who is handling the Drop Off Desk.
  • You’ll get the lay of the land – you will see that there are marked off areas (usually designated with a number) and one of these areas will be assigned to you. You’ll be able to unload the entirety of your car/van into this spot.
  • Once you are given your area and have unloaded your vehicle, you’ll begin to hang up your clothes on portable racks. A team of volunteers work the Drop Off area – and one or more will be assigned to you. They will do a quick inspection looking for stains and tears. As they are doing this – often there is a lull in time for you. This is a great time to put some of your toys/books/mommy items out on the floor in their designated locations. The volunteers will finish up and you’ll be set to wheel the rack out on to the floor.
  • This is where your organization at home will really pay off! If your clothes are already organized by size, hang them up that way. Then, when you walk to “Girls 2T” you can just grab your items, drop them off and move on. No sorting, no waiting, less work!
  • Once you’ve gotten all your items on the floor – and often, we’ll have volunteers able to help when they can – you’re free to leave.

Organization is key to a successful Drop Off. Wear comfortable shoes and plan on about an hour. We look forward to seeing you!